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    We learn about you, figure out your personality and ambitions, then get you in front of the recruiters that matter to you.

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    After the introduction is made, it is up to you to handle the rest. We will help you along the way with whatever advice we can give. Nugrad always has your back!

  • Who We Are

    We are college students just like you, we recognized the problem with the system and are set out to solve it. You have great talents, these recruiters should be banging down your door. 

    Jack Sutherland


    Jack is fully vested in the notion of disruption and change. He understood the problems involved in the recruitment of college seniors and set out to make some changes. His passion is helping his peers find jobs that matter.

    Tweet him at @jackosutherland

    Kenny Papke

    Head of Student Dev

    Kenny is a people person at the core. He loves to talk to people and find out their ambitions. If you ever have any concerns as a NuGrad student, believe that Kenny will help because he truly cares about you


    Kenny doesn't use twitter so just Tweet Jack instead.. (Twitter Noob)

    Brett Gilbert

    Head of Recruiter Dev

    Brett wants to see his peers succeed for years to come. He is a Junior who is ready to attack the job hunt road in front of him. He doesn't believe in just watching the world change in front of him, he wants to be the change.


    Tweet him at @gilbert_Brett

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